So what’s an Interactive Cookbook?

Instantly downloadable

Add titles from top authors to your online library for 24/7 access from any laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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“Now I can access most of my favourite cookbook recipes whenever I want !”

Customisable recipes

Scale servings & add your own notes to make any recipe fit your needs perfectly.

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“The scaling feature is just great. Now I cook just the right amount.”

Cook-along modes

A world first! Get precise instructions & timers as you cook with voice-activated cook-alongs that even speak the instructions out loud.

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“Cook-along mode is just amazing. I’m not sure how it works, but it just does. Wow!”

Video & audio content

Discover videos, stories, kitchen tips, foodie wisdom & more with all new multimedia content.

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“Cookbooks with actual tutorials on how to make the recipe, perfect!”

Ingredients delivered

Instantly buy ingredients online or create a shopping list to check off in-store.

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“I love that I can instantly add ingredients to my weekly Ocado delivery. So handy!”

Tag your favourites

Tag your favourites recipes so you can easily find them first time, every time

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“This one’s the winner for me. Now I can easily access my top 5 recipes in one place”

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