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Clip'n'collect recipes from anywhere on the web into your own private collection.

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Scale portions, create shopping lists, and meal plan with an arsenal of powerful tools.

Cook with superpowers

Experience superfast step-by-step cooking with our powerful AI cooking coach.

Our Mission

We created Cookt to make cooking easy and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just like to give it a go, our arsenal of powerful cooking tools give you the ability to cook anything you want really easily.

Cook better, faster

Powered by AI, our powerful cooking coach guides you step-by-step through recipes. It dynamically places timers, ingredients and their amounts in-step, helping you to cook easier and faster.

All your recipes in one place

Using Cookt’s web-clipper, you can save and organise recipes from anywhere on the web direct to your own private collection. Simply paste a recipe URL to get started.

Save time shopping

With one tap, Cookt will figure out what you need. Automatically detect ingredients from recipes, and tick them off on your mobile device as you shop.

Plan like a pro

Save time and money using Cookt’s meal planner. Create meal plans for the week, or something for the weekend. Cookt syncs to your calendar so you’re always prepared.

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