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We find and gather the best foodie videos, news, recipes and more all in one place so you don’t have to.

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Recipes, articles, videos and more - create stunning collections of culinary content to keep forever.

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Even the accident-prone can be master chefs with our Cookt-assistant that guides as you cook.

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We will wok you

Whether you’re trying something new, hosting a fancy dinner or making a quick mid-week supper, cooking should be simple. That’s why we created Cookt – the world’s first digital chef that helps you cook-along to ANY online recipe – step-by-step and easy as pie.

Cookt gives you step-by-step instructions, ingredient quantities and tips, and will even set timers for you. You spend less time researching and reading recipes, and more time enjoying them.

With Cookt, you’ll not only find more than a million recipes from all over the web, you’ll get help cooking them, too. You can collect your favourite recipes in your own online cookbook, plan meals for the week and add what you need to your shopping list — all in one place.

And it doesn’t matter what your diet looks like. If you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, cooking on a budget or looking for kid-friendly food, come check it out at Cookt.

So unleash your inner chef and make cooking simple - just like it should be.