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Welcome to Cookt my lil food loving amigo. My name is Ross, I’m the founder, CEO/head honcho at Cookt, here to fill you in on what the hell this is and what we’re about. Like you I absolutely love to cook and often look to cookbooks or online for recipe inspiration. As much as I love recipes, too often I get frustrated whilst following them, so I came up with the idea of a Cook-along widget on my phone that would read me instructions as I cooked. It was a success, one I wanted to standardise in the recipe industry. So I came up with the idea of Cookt. Our plan is to revolutionise the digital cookbook - aka eBooks. I want to show the world how easy & fun cooking can be, by creating a clever new type of Cookbook, packed with recipes & tools that make cooking easy & fun. Our mission at Cookt is to do just that. Created by the best chefs & authors in the world we’re here to create EPIC cookbooks, packed with recipes, masterclasses & the foodie content like no other.


The E-CookBook. Evolved.

First off, eBooks & Kindles, in our opinion are rubbish. You’ve bought them, we’ve bought them, they hibernate in the deepest, darkest depths of our phones. Web recipes. Ok, so they’re a little better. Easier to find with some cool digital features, however they’re spewing with ads and epicly long ‘why I made this’ life stories you never wanted to read in the first place. We deserve better than this and so the Interactive eCookbook was born. A downloadable eCookbook packed with a tonne of features that make the process of following recipes, fast, simple and fun. Let us show you what we mean.


Pictures. Lots of pictures.

There’s no denying it, cookbooks look and feel great, eBooks though, yeah, not so much. So we came up with a visually stunning format that looks undeniably good to gawp at.


You can scale servings

Don’t you hate it when a recipe serves 2 but there's way more of you. Well fret no more. Cookt adjusts the entire recipe to ANY serving size in just a click. Easy!


Get help AS you cook

Say hello to our all-new Cook-along mode, my favourite feature. Inspired by my years spent as a chef, I wanted to make following a recipe feel super easy. Forget the whole back and forth, retracing your steps etc, this is precise instructions one step at a time. It even tells you exactly how much you need of each ingredient as and when you need it. There’s timers too. Believe it or not, it actually helps you cook faster too - up to 40% for some recipes. It’s like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen!


Add your own notes

Too spicy for your liking? Then add a note to your recipe for next time. It's that simple. Note’s can be added or deleted as you like. Put your own twist on every recipe as you cook.


Tag your favourite recipes

Every cookbook has those same 3 recipes we cook again and again. Finding them isn’t so easy though. Not anymore. Hit the heart icon in any recipe to immediately save it to a list of favourites to find first time, every time.


The BEST cookbooks first

We appreciate there are so many amazing cookbooks already out there yet to be Cooktified. That's why we're partnering with the best publishers to bring you Interactive Cookt editions as soon as we can. On top of this we’re rolling out our own range of independent Cookbooks too, showcasing the finest in new and established talent from the cooking world.


Instant shopping lists

In a single tap you can create a shopping list to tick off as you shop - great for saving time in the supermarket. Coming soon you’ll be able to add items to your regular grocery delivery, and get ingredients delivered froms store to door with 1hr delivery. It’s all happening here at Cookt.


Lots lots more

As we grow and bring you more and more titles, we’ll be keeping you updated with the latest stories from the world of food, introducing you to the best in foodie talent and lot’s more juicy content. 

Soon we'll also be introducing Cookt PRO - a powerful tool that allows you to collect your favourite recipes from websites & cookbooks too - fully customisable with Cook-along features and more. Imagine that, all your favourite recipes in one place. It’s like your very own portable recipe collection on your phone (coming soon).

In the meantime feel free to discover the tonnes of great titles already on Cookt. Check out the shop, download some free cookbook samples and rustle up some delicious recipes with our all-new cook-along mode.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cookt. 

I hope you enjoy it here.


Cookt Head Honcho

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