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What’s an Interactive Cookbook?

Like an eBook, these are classic digital Cookbooks with recipes you can now scale, shop, & cook-along to.

Instantly Downloadable

Download the best Cookbooks from top authors & chefs to your online library.

Interactive features

Add notes, scale servings, shop ingredients, tag your favourite recipes & more.

Audio Cook-alongs

Cook super easy & fast with real-time audio instructions as you cook.

An easier, smarter way to cook

Say “hello” to real-time instructions with Cook-along mode.

Real-time instructions

Get precise instructions in real-time as you cook

In-step quantities

Forget a seperate ingredients list, everything is in the method

In-step timers

No need for a stop-watch, all your timers are ready to go

Hear instructions out-loud

You don’t even need to read, the recipes speak for themselves


Use voice-commands to navigate your way hands-free through recipes

Screen stays on

Never have your screen time-out again. Your screen always stays on

Try a book for free

Get started with a sample of any Interactive Cookbook. Totally free.

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