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14 day PRO trial

As a new customer, you start with 14 days unlimited access to Cookt PRO. This is to see if PRO and all it’s brilliant features are suitable for you. Once you’ve finished the trial, you’ll be asked to choose one of our subscription packages starting from $2.99 a month.

If you decide PRO isn’t for you, then no worries, we’ll downgrade you to our BASIC subscription (free forever). Your 10 most recently saved recipes will be accessible as usual, with the rest being archived - re-accessible upon upgrading to PRO.

Of your accessable recipes, you’re free to delete and add as many new recipes as you like (up to 10). Upon upgrading to a PRO subscription, your archived recipes will be accessible again.

You can check the differences between BASIC and PRO subscriptions here.

Find or import your perfect recipes

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